Annals of Anthropological Research and Reviews

An Interdisciplinary Journal of Hunan Biology and Culture Research
Published by Department of Anthropology & Tribal Studies


Anthropological Research and Reviews (AARR) is the official journal of the department of Anthropology & Tribal Studies, Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University (SKBU), published bi-annually (July-January) in electronic format by SKBU Publication Cell. AARR (ISSN: 2583-0570) is an online international peer-reviewed journal that reports investigations on human evolution, population variation, adaptation, ecology, public health nutrition, public health genomics, epidemiology, genetics of complex diseases, human growth and development, environmental physiology, forensic science, kinesiology, demography, gerontology, maternal-child health, tribal development, issues of indigenous peoples, palaeoanthropology, and archaeology including prehistoric archaeology. The main audience of the AARR are anthropologists, sociologists, and human biologists but the journals also targets epidemiologists, paediatricians, gerontologists, public health workers, and policy makers.


AARR is an initiative of the Department of Anthropology & Tribal Studies, SKBU purely for the academic purpose to bring quality research in the domain of scientific world, and it is absolutely not-for-profit. Articles submitted goes through rigorous peer review by initial editor screening followed by double blind single peer review. Finally the editors reach a decision based on these reports and, where necessary, they consult with members of the Editorial Board.


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