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Publication Policy

The main objective of the journal is to ensure that only good scholarly articles get published. Editors and reviewers play a vital role in maintaining the journal's high standards and all manuscripts are peer-reviewed.

Duties and Responsibilities of Authors: Authors are required to submit the original research work that has not been published elsewhere. It is expected that the authors have made a significant contribution to the research area and the paper must contain sufficient details about the literature and methodology. The fraudulent and intentionally made inaccurate statement constitutes unethical behavior and would be unacceptable. For the study, if the authors have used the work of others, the same is required to be appropriately cited or quoted. Copyrighted materials should be reproduced only with permission of the copyright owner with due acknowledgment. All those who have made significant contributions to the research work should be listed as co-authors. We also encourage authors to follow the Committee on Publication Ethics’ International Standards for Authors guidelines.

Duties and Responsibilities of Reviewers: The reviewers are expected to maintain absolute confidentiality about the contents of manuscripts. The reviews are to be conducted objectively and the referees are expected to express their views clearly with supporting reasons. The reviewers should have no conflict of interest with the authors and the subject matter of the research. 

Peer Review Policy: The editors first evaluate all manuscripts submitted to the journal. At this stage, an exceptional manuscript to be accepted and rejected may have issues with originality, have a serious scientific limitation, have poor grammar or English language, or are outside the aims and scope of the journal. Those who meet the minimum criteria are passed on to experts for review. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the manuscript based on originality, methodological soundness, presentation of results and concluding, appropriate referencing of previous works and ethical aspects of research. Language correction or correcting manuscripts is not part of the peer-review process.  A final decision to accept or reject the manuscript will be sent to the author along with any recommendations made by the reviewers.

Publication Ethics: Manuscripts submitted to the journal are evaluated entirely based on their scientific contents. There are no publication charges for publication in the journal. All possible measures are to be taken to maintain publication ethics and to prevent malpractices. Authors who submit papers to our Journal must ensure that their work is original and unpublished and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. In addition, authors’ submission of paper for this journal is deemed to be regarded as their confirmation that the paper is their original work that has not been copied or plagiarized, in whole or in part, from any other works and if the authors have used the works of others the same has been appropriately cited or quoted.

Disclaimer: The data, information, opinions, and contents appearing in research papers published in any issue of this Journal are those of concerned author(s), and the author(s) is/are solely responsible for the content. Efforts are made to publish correct information; however, the Editors/Editorial Board/Reviewers/ Department/ University has no responsibility for the content or opinions expressed in the articles and cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate or spurious results, information, opinions published in the Journal.

All research papers published in SKBU Business Review are published as Open Access under CC BY 4.0 international license.

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