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Focus and Scope

Sidho Kanho Birsha University Journal of History is a dynamic academic forum in which scholars from diverse disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences can publish their research and draw on scholarship within the interdisciplinary field of Indian history.

The Journal publishes two issues per year, and each issue includes a thematic dossier, with a selection of peer-reviewed articles on aspects of Indian History from the perspective of the Humanities and Social Sciences. These dossiers are interdisciplinary and bring subjects that are considered important to lay the foundations for academic discussions about India and its history.Besides the thematic dossier, each issue has a general section with peer-reviewed articles on the areas covered by the Journal.

Special attention is given to book reviews, which has a dedicated section covering recent and important academic publications about Indian history worldwide.

Peer Review Process

Articles published in this journal are submitted to a peer review procedure. The editors of each issue moderate and supervise the review process, and authors are able to follow each step of it. All submissions are assessed by the editors regarding compliance with the editorial norms, coherence of the text, the relevance of the content to the journal and contribution to the knowledge in the area. If approved at this preliminary stage, submissions are sent for  peer review. The reviews are then analysed by the editors, who then contact the authors indicating if the submission has been accepted or rejected, and what amendments or corrections are necessary.


This journal does not charge any fees for submission, review or publication of articles.


As standard procedure, this journal carries out checks on all submissions for both plagiarism and self-plagiarism. If a submitted article is shown to have plagiarised, the submission will be immediately declined. Under certain circumstances, journal will accept articles previously published on other platforms, however, this must be disclaimed before submission, and a reference will have to be made as a footnote in the published article. The same procedure will be applied to articles that have been translated from a previously published text. If after its publication an article is found to have been plagiarized, it will be immediately removed from the platform and the author(s) will be notified and removed from the list of contributors to the journal.

Sidho Kanho Birsha University does not take any legal responsibility for plagiarism.



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