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Advisory Editorial Board

Prof. Dipak Kumar Kar, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University, Purulia, India

Dr. Subir Bera, Professor & Program Coordinator , Center of Advanced Studies, (Phase VII), Department of Botany, University of Calcutta,  India

Dr. Radhanath Mukhopadhyay, Retired Professor, Department of Botany ,University of Burdwan,  India

Dr. G.G. Maiti , Retired Professor, Department of Botany, University of Kalyani,  India

Dr. Tao SU, Professor, Paleoecology Research Group, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS, Menglun, Mengla, Yunnan 666303, China

Prof. Asutosh Ghosh, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Rani Rashmoni Green University, India & Department of Chemistry, University of Calcutta, India

Prof. .....

Dr. Samar Kumar Das, Professor, School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad, India

Dr. Santokh S. Tandon, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Kent State University, USA

Dr. Subhendu Sekhar Bag, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India

Dr. Adinath Majee, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Bisva-bharati University, Santiniketan, India

Dr. Apurba Ratan Ghosh, Professor, Department of Environmental Science, University of Burdwan, India

Dr. Shibani Chaudhury, Professor, Department of Environmental Science, Bisva-bharati University, Santiniketan, India

Dr. Aniruddha Mukherjee, Professor, Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta, India

Dr.  Mujibor  Rahman, Professor, Environmental science discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh

Dr. Sunil Kr. De, Professor, Department of Geography, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya, India

Dr. Pradip Chouhan, Prpofessor, Department of Geography,  University of Gour Banga, India

Dr. Sujit Mandal, Professor, Department of Geography, Diamond Harbour Women’s University, India

Dr. Debasis Ghosh, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Geography, University of Calcutta, India

Dr.  Asoke Kumar Bhunia, Professor, Department of Mathematics, The University of Burdwan , India

Dr. Kalyan Chakraborty, Director, Kerala School of Mathematics , India

Dr. Manjusha Majumder, Retired Professor, Department of Pure Mathematics, Calcutta University, India

Dr. Joydev Chattopadhyay, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

Dr. Leopoldo Eduardo Cárdenas-Barrón, Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey

Dr. Walter Bergweiler, Christian-Albrechts-Universitat Zu Kiel, Germany

Dr. Luis Manuel Sánchez Ruiz, Professor, ETSID-Depto. de Matemática Aplicaca & CITG Universitat Politècnica de València, E-46022,Valencia, Spain

Dr. Biswajit Sarkar, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Yonsei University, South Korea

Dr. Iqbal H. Jebril, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Amman – 11733, Jordan 

Dr. Hai-Han Lu, Professor, Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

Dr. Dipten Bhattacharya, Principal Scientist, CSIR- CGCRI, Kolkata, India

Dr. Ardhendu Sekhar Patra, Professor, Department of Physics, Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University, Purulia

Dr. Shamim Ahmad Ansari, Retired Professor, Department of Psychology, Director of CEPECAMI, Aligarh Muslim University,  India

Dr. Bhaswati Patnaik, Professor & Head, Department of Psychology, Utkal Universities, Bhubaneswar, India

Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India

Dr. Daya Singh Sandhu, Director of Research and Professor of Counselor Education & Supervision in Doctoral Program, Lindsey Wilson College, Columbia, Kentucky, USA 

Dr. Aqueel Khan, Associate Professor, School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Universiti Teknologi, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Dr. Gaurisankar Sa, Retired Professor, Bose Institute, India

Dr. Tathagata Chaudhury, Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Bisva-bharati University, India

Dr. Gautam Aditya, Professor, Department of Zoology, Calcutta University, India



Manuscript submission deadline for the Volume 2 Issue 2 is 30th September, 2022. Authors are requested to submit their valuable Articles/Reviews through online submission mode.